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Test Drive
Let's see if this'll even work.

Ha ha! Victory! I have my own "Death Bar!" (© Warren Ellis)

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Yeah, that'd be awesome. I've been keeping a rough tally of days in my head, but haven't actually puzzled it out yet.

It's funny, I was just gonna message you and tell you that, in the session we're currently playing, we stopped by Bnarr to pick up the flowercenaries and thought we'd leave a note in the garage for the other party.

We would have stopped by, what, 41 days after we arrived on Nar Shaddaa after leaving the party?

Day 437 since leaving Kalarba was when the parties split up, so I expect you'd hit Nar Shaddaa on Day 438 or 439. Meaning the stop would have been Day 480, say... about exactly when they bought the Second Wind at Corellia.

The party spent a lot of time crafting and upgrading the ship and whatnot, so as of the end of this most recent session, we are at day 551.

Day 587 is Chapter One of Heir to the Empire.

Day 597 is Life Day.

If you want I can give you the day ranges for the sessions I've recapped, as well.

Day 702 is the series premiere of the Furious Fifty's new holo-show, which I think is probably just called "the Furious Fifty" unless I think of something better.

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