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Priorities Maybe?
Chapter: 16.5 (Interlude 4)
Page Count: 198
Word Count: 106,000
Nemo's Bounty: 250,000 Commercial

"Moira Quicksilver would have, were it not for the very specific instructions to the contrary, loved nothing more than to shoot this prick's fucking face off."

Nine days worth of physical labor, on my father's dollar, has left me not only somewhat gainfully employed for the first time in years, but also physically enervated beyond belief. Today's day-off was as welcome a relief as one could imagine. I will never again, as long as I live, build another fence. "Fuck," in the words of the Virgin Mary, "fences."

In other news, I'm currently planning a trip out to Montaña to visit
my loverly girlfriend, I'm considering purchasing Volumes 6 -10 of Transmetropolitan and just being done with the whole thing once and for all, I've been listening to a bracing collection of science fiction classics in audiobook form while I labor, including Ender's Game, Snow Crash, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (evidently abridged, I was dismayed to learn), A Scanner Darkly and The Minority Report. I had Neuromancer waiting in the wings but I think I'll actually go out on a limb, give Gaiman his fair shake and try American Gods on for size. I've been leery about him, as we tend to tell EXTREMELY different kinds of stories, but what the hell. Why not?

Otherwise, I'm getting some much missed work on Hull Damage accomplished. I have to keep fighting off the instinct to immediately whip out Celtx and begin drafting a screenplay. Priorities, man! Write the novel, write the screenplay, rob eight banks, make the movie.

Until later.
- T

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Next time you're out here, I can probably lend you Do Androids Dream Of Etcetera.

I'll be interested to hear your take on Gaiman. I'm a fan, but I understand why you're leery. And if you don't like American Gods, well, I think that's as much "you" as his stories get.

If nothing else, Norse gods telling dirty jokes is too good to miss.

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